Shipping and payment

How are orders delivered?

  • we always try to do our best to process your orders as soon as possible
  • the delivery of orders is provided for us by the carrier Zásilkovna
  • the worldwide shipping cost of Zásilkovna is 500 CZK

Payment terms

  • payment in advance by standard bank transfer to our account IBAN: SK3011000000002947137869 SWIFT: TATRSKBX – Tatra Banka a. s. – use order number as variable symbol
  • payment by card via the GoPay payment gateway
  • payment by online bank transfer
  • payment on delivery

Payment options through the GoPay gateway

Online payments are provided for us by the GoPay Payment Gateway. The service provider, GOPAY s.r.o., is a licensed payment institution operating under the supervision of the Czech National Bank. Payments made through the payment gateway are fully secured and all information is encrypted.

Payment by card

The fastest way to pay online. In the GoPay payment gateway interface, you enter your card number, validity date and CVC code (three numbers that you can find in the signature strip on the back of the card). Everything is secured by the 3D Secure standard, so you will probably be asked to enter a numerical code that you will receive via an SMS from your bank.

Payment by online bank transfer

Instant payment via internet banking. The GoPay payment gateway redirects you to your internet banking provider, where you log in with your login details and confirm the pre-prepared payment order.

After completing the payment, you will be redirected back to the store. The payment is confirmed immediately and we will proceed with the execution of the order without delay.